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void KarchiveurApp::extractFromCommandLine ( QStringList  archives,
bool  promptdir = false,
QCString  extractdir = NULL,
bool  chooseExtractDirFromArchive = false 

Extract the archives to the directory . If is true, we'll show the extract dialog, to let the user choosing its extract dir

Extract the archives

archives to the directory
extractdir. If
promptdir is true, ignore pervious parameter and show the extract dialog, to let the user choosing the right extract dir If
promptdir == false && if
chooseExtractDirFromArchive == true && the archive's files are not contained in a top subdir, create this topsubdir when extracting

Definition at line 1699 of file karchiveur.cpp.

References enableMenus(), CArchiveOperation::extractMultiFiles(), CLed::setColor(), slotMessageArchiveOperation(), and slotStatusMsg().

  archiveoperation = new  CArchiveOperationExtractMultiFiles( archiveobj,  progress );
  connect(archiveoperation, SIGNAL(operationEnded(int, QString)), this, SLOT(slotMessageArchiveOperation(int , QString )));
  slotStatusMsg(i18n("Extracting files..."));
  archiveoperation->extractMultiFiles(archives, promptdir, extractdir, chooseExtractDirFromArchive);

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