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CArchive Class Reference

#include <carchive.h>

Inheritance diagram for CArchive:

C7z CAr CArj CBz2 CGz CLha CRar CSit CTar CZip

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Detailed Description

This is the base class for all kind of archives
Eric Coquelle

Definition at line 46 of file carchive.h.


void archiveReadEnded (void)
void newarchiveentryreaded ()
void sourceSoftwareSpotted ()

Public Member Functions

virtual void addFilesToArchive (QStringList filestoadd, bool removeoriginalfiles, int action, QString relativepath=NULL)
virtual bool canRepairArchive ()
int countFiles ()
virtual void createArchive (QString nameofarchive, QStringList filestoadd, QString relativepath=NULL)
void displayArchiveContent (QString, QString)
virtual void displayArchiveContent ()
virtual void extractArchive (QString &extractpath, int extractall, QString &filetoextract)
void fetchArchiveInfos (int &nbfiles, int &archiveSize, int &totalSizeOfFiles, float &sigma, float &compressrate)
QStringList getAllFiles (bool fetchonlyselected=false)
< CArchive::archiveElement > 
getAllFilesWithInfos (const KArchiveDirectory *, QString)
< CArchive::archiveElement > 
getAllFilesWithInfos (bool fetchonlyselected=false)
< CArchive::archiveElement > 
getAllFilesWithInfosInCurrentSubdir (QString, QString)
QStringList getArchiveComments ()
QString getArchiveName ()
QStringList getErrors ()
QCString getPassword ()
QString getRepairedArchiveName ()
bool isDirectory (QString entryname)
bool isSourceSoftware ()
virtual void removeFilesFromArchive (QStringList filesToDelete)
virtual void repairCurrentArchive ()
void setArchiveName (QString archName)
void setDisplayArchiveByDirectories (bool)
void setPassword (QString archPassword)
void setRegExp (QRegExp)
void stopExtracting ()
void stopReading ()
virtual bool supportDisplayByDirs ()
virtual bool supportPassword ()
virtual void testCurrentArchiveIntegrity ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void setCompressRate (int rate)
static void setDisplayIcons (bool icons)
static void setIconSize (int size)
static void setKindOfDate (int d)
static void setOverwriteFilesWhenExtracting (bool overwr)
static void setReadArchiveWithStream (bool read)
static void setRecursiveMode (bool rec)
static void setWidgetComboDirectories (QComboBox *c)
static void setWidgetListView (QListView *l)
static void setWidgetProgressBar (QProgressBar *progress)

Static Public Attributes

static QListView * list = NULL

Protected Types

enum  sourcesoftwareflags { HAS_CONFIGURE = 2, HAS_MAKEFILE_AM = 4 }

Protected Slots

virtual void haveSdtErrExtract (KProcess *, char *, int)
void haveStdErr (KProcess *, char *buffer, int length)

Protected Member Functions

bool checkFiles (QString, int)
QStringList checkFilesOnly (QString &extractpath, int &extractall)
void displayArchiveContent (const KArchiveDirectory *, QString)
QDate getDateFromLocalizedDate (QString localizeddate)
QString getIndividualPermissions (bool b, QString perm)
QString getLocalizedDate (QDate date)
QString getReadablePermissions (mode_t mode)
void initializeReadingArchive ()
void setIcon (QString name, mode_t permissions, CListViewItem *elementListe)
void setIcon (QString name, QString permissions, CListViewItem *elementListe)

Protected Attributes

QStringList archivecomments
QString archiveName
int counter
QStringList errors
int issourcesoftware
QValueList< KArchiveDirectory * > knowndirectories
QValueList< archiveElement > listArchiveElements
bool lookforsoucearchive
char m_buffer [1024]
CProcessus processadd
CProcessus processextract
CProcessus processread
QRegExp regularexpression
QString repairedArchiveName
bool stopreadprocess

Static Protected Attributes

static QCString archivePassword = ""
static QComboBox * combodirectories = NULL
static int compressrate = 9
static bool displayicons = true
static int iconsize = 16
static int kindofdate = STANDARD_DATE
static bool overwrite = true
static QProgressBar * progressbar = NULL
static bool readArchiveWithStream = false
static bool recursivemode = true
static bool viewbydirectories = false


struct  archiveElement

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